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Lights, Camera, Action for Global Messengers in Virginia

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Practice really does make perfect. In early December, a group of Special Olympics Virginia Global Messengers proved this adage true with the help of Richmond-based production company, Park Group. Their full-day media training marked the completion of a two-year training journey. The Global Messenger training program offers leadership, public speaking and advocacy training to athletes selected to represent the organization. Throughout a two-year period of service, athletes are called upon to give speeches to schools, corporate and community groups across the Commonwealth, and assist with numerous fundraisers and state events. After experiencing radio and TV interview simulations at Park Group, participants returned to Special Olympics Virginia’s Richmond headquarters where they reviewed films and recordings as a group to provide helpful critiques and assessments. We can’t wait to see (and hear!) them put their new skills into action in 2016.

About Me:

I moved to Virginia after graduation and began a full-time, three month internship with Special Olympics Virginia in 1999. I was then hired & have been with Special Olympics VA for over 16 years.